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We service & repair all makes and models of diesel, semi truck, box truck, trailers and most other heavy duty truck repair needs.

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Brand's Truck Repair have been servicing semi trucks and trailers in Yakima since 1948. If you are wondering how we are able to stay in the industry for this long, this is because of the truck mechanics that we hire to serve our clients. We let the best and only the best join our team to bring efficient services. Not all truck repair shops in the Yakima Valley are able to perform successful truck repair procedures. Most of them may claim to be able to do so, but not all of them may actually give you what you are looking for. Unlike these truck repair shops, we are a company that will offer you professional service from expert technicians.

Fast Service

We know your truck needs to be repaired quickly in order for you to hit the road. We are aware that your time is money and we will do everything possible to safely get you on the road. Our goal is to quickly repair your vehicle so you can perform your work. We deeply understand the need to offer quality services to our clients and perhaps that gives a reason as to why our technicians are well trained. Our Service Department also specialize in repair and maintenance on all trailer makes and models. Our technicians can quickly diagnose your truck or trailer and get you back on the road fast. Call today to set up an appointment (509) 453-7714 or drive in to our facility conveniently located at 208 S. 4th Ave. Yakima, WA and one of our friendly service staff will assist you.

High Quality Parts for Your Truck & Trailers

Trucks are heavy duty vehicles which require high quality truck parts to be able to work perfectly. With our shop, we only use the top quality products at a competitive price. High value investments such as diesel truck engines and trailers require frequent servicing so that they can last longer. Choosing the right company to repair your diesel truck engines is one vital thing because the kind of repairs your engine receives determines the amount of mileage you will cover before another repair.

For roadside assistance dial!   509-571-4234

For Mobile Lube Dial! 509-367-2789

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